Monday, October 14, 2013

Timber Moose

All 8 of the Nelson kids are officially married now!
Russ's little brother Ben got married last week and it was beautiful.
Russ and all of his brothers! Handsome dudes, and ALL of them have a heart of gold.
We had to be to the temple super early, so we dropped the babe off really early. I had to wake her up and she was still just as happy as can be.
We dropped her off with her Nanny in her PJs and crazy hair. When we came to pick her up, she had new Halloween Jammies on, hair in pigtails ( 9 weeks old!!) and her nails were painted. haha!
We love you Jadie, thanks for taking such great care of her and loving her.

For the wedding luncheon and reception, the bride and my inlaws rented out the Timber Moose Lodge in Heber.
It was AMAZING. We got there a little late thanks to a last minute blow out, and just in time for family pictures and snow!

Look at this amazing view!

It was cold and snowing, perfect for a night in the lodge.
There was a nice big fireplace we could warm up at after taking our pictures.
Thanks to my blog stalker for taking this picture haha.

My blog stalker herself. I have lots of fun with this one! She makes me laugh.
There was good food, good music, dancing...
The younger Nelson granddaughters. As you can see, Lila was having a great time.

After all the guest left, we had the lodge to ourselves! My mother in law got to finally sit down, relax and snuggle the babe.

This lodge was again, AMAZING. 13 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, beautiful kitchen
And indoor pool
an outdoor hot tub on the deck
So the rest of the night was all ours!
I really really wanted to swim in the pool, but its kind of hard with a newborn and I didn't bring her swimming suit.
So the babe and I cuddled into our room and I fed her and we snuggled while Russ got to spend some time with his family in the hot tub!
Before I changed her into her PJs I was trying to get a picture of her in her pretty party dress with my phone.
I love this one haha!

Congratulations Ben & Shay!

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