Monday, September 30, 2013


I was super worried when I was pregnant that we wouldn't be spontaneous anymore.
I loved how we would think of something to do and just do it!
Russ had to work in Logan for a few days and asked if we wanted to join him!
I didn't know what I would do with a newborn in a hotel room all day and then I thought...the same thing I do at home!!
So we packed up and headed out the door.
Even though its only 2 hours away, we still had to stop for me to feed the babe.
Russ conveniently found a place to pull over at a elk farm.
And also just a head of a hitch hiker.
As he got out to look at all the elk I was on high alert thinking a hitch hiker was going to jump in the back with me nursing the baby.
This guy and his obsession with hunting.
How cute is this little chin?! She loves staring at this toy as we drive.

I love Logan for many reasons. Lots of fun memories from college and of course that's where Russ and I met 10 years ago!!
Russ went off to work and I made my first attempt at shopping with a baby.
She did great! Slept the entire time.
When Russ was finished working we drove to Bear Lake for the night.
I was so excited to take her to one of my favorite places in the entire world!!!
It was a little chilly, fall is in the air!
It was so amazing walking down the board walk towards the lake...sun setting, my 2 favorite peeps in my fave place!

And Wala...she is introduced to the lake-while sleeping.


We were the only ones on the beach. It was my job to set up the timer and take a family picture.
But I made it for it taking these of Russ on the way back!

He is so sexy.


Thanks for taking your girls to the beach :)
After spending some time at the beach, we had dinner in town and then headed back to Logan.
The next day after he was finished for work, we walked around Campus.
It was fun to reminisce and see how much that place has changed!
He wanted to show her his favorite sculpture on campus.

It was a full moon that night! Instead of waiting until midnight to become true Aggies, we decided since we go way back, we can make up our own rules and kiss at 7 o'clock.
I have tried so hard to keep Lila on a schedule. She has done SO well and has slept through the night since 5 weeks old.
I was worried about her being in a new bed, in a new place that she would break that chain.
She did great! Slept right on through the night all 3 nights.
She even got her own bed.

The next day we came home! I had to make it home for a girls weekend with my mom and sister so I left Russ to finish work and drive home with a coworker.
But look how hot he looks holding baby luggage!

Her first mini vacation was a success. We will keep her.


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