Monday, September 23, 2013

Date Night

We had our first date night since the baby was born!
It was the longest I had been away from her and although I couldn't believe how much I missed her, it was just what I needed to go out with Russ.
He took me to dinner to get some Southern Food...I love southern food. I could eat salmon and grits, hush puppies and fried green tomatoes all day long.
It was also the day before I was SUPPOSED to go on Weight Watchers. That didn't happen. But I still of course stuffed my face with fried food and scones for dessert.
Russ then took me to get some new running shoes! I love them and am excited to wear them....excited to wear them, not run. Will I ever love to run, Im not so sure.
My mom and I went to pick up some take out one night and my dad watched the babe for a bit.
As I walked out I thought, what a man! He has all 3 of my babies.
If you cant see my third baby, she is hanging out in the bird house.
Thanks Mom and Dad for STILL taking care of my animals. I promise we will finish our fence one day soon.
Speaking of dates..I chaperoned a date with these two crazy cats the other day. As Russ was putting my car seat into my friend Lindsey's car, he looks over at her son and says "What are you intentions with my daughter?"
That guy..funny sense of humor.

They had a great time and I think there will be a second date.

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