Thursday, February 7, 2013

Woman of the Year!! Please Help :)

I had an awesome night last night.
My family (Minus my brothers family in Idaho..we missed you guys) all got to go to an event at Flemmings at the Gateway.
We were all there to support my mom as she starts a crazy adventure!
We are all SO proud to announce that our Mom has been nominated for Woman of the Year through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
She was nominated by one of their committee members and was recognized for ALL her work over the years in various Cancer fundraisers. She helped for years in the Race For the Cure for breast cancer, she helped our own family fundraiser in the Kel Kemp Memorial for Huntsman Cancer Institute along with spending many hours and her own money to help with the homeless shelter, Christmas in July, and many many more.
She is an amazing example to our family, and we were VERY fortunate to grow up watching, and working along side our mother as she served. She would take me along to The Road Home when I was really young so I could play with the kids and do fun little activities, we watched her organize a big drive and put in a library in the shelter for homeless children. As we got older, I brought along a few friend as my Mom threw a big May Day activity for homeless kids, and as an adult, we got to work along side of her as she worked so hard in the survivor tent at the Race For the Cure.
I couldn't even begin to count how many hours of my moms life she has spent serving and she totally deserves this nomination and I know we all couldn't be more proud.
If anyone ask her to help them in supporting any cause they may have, she is the first to step up and help, or donate money.

Here is the idea behind Woman of the Year:

She was nominated along with a few other woman in our community. It is a friendly competition to see who can raise the most amount of money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society from February 6- April 19th.
EVERY dollar that we (my moms team) can raise towards my moms cause, will count as a vote for her and ALL goes to LLS.
Last night was the kick off party to the start of the fundraising efforts.

My Dad, Mom, and Zach
Zach is a leukemia survivor and actually the person who nominated my mom. Our family fundraiser actually helped raise money for Zach and his family when he was really sick.

Last night was my sisters birthday as well! It was fun to have dinner with she and my brother in law "B" as we got to honor our mom.

Before hearing from our mom and the other candidates, we got to hear from a cute little boy named Jeron that is currently fighting Leukemia.
Jerons story really touched me, and made me want to work that much harder in trying to help find a cure for this disease.
He was so courageous and made me take a step back and think how lucky I am for my health and for the opportunity I had to go through middle school without worrying about my bald head, not being able to play with other kids because they could get me sick, and spending half of my school years being home schooled because of my health.
He spoke so well and we are honored to have him at all of our upcoming events, and our "face" to help us get the word out and raise more money for people like Jeron.
His speech last night, and talking about his hair coming back.
Jeron's motto in life is: "Every Day is a Gift!"
After Jeron spoke, we got to hear from my mom. Im pretty sure there wasnt a dry eye in the room after she spoke of the reason she decided to except this nomination and work her tail off until April. She said it was because of all the people she has lost to cancer, her mom, her father in law, her aunt, and brother in law, and all the many friends and neighbors she has also lost to cancer. She also said she is doing it to help others like Jeron and Zach who are hopefully free of cancer, because of the medicines that saved their lives from research done from LLS and other fundraiser like this to help fund them.
She did a fantastic job.


Want to know how you can help?
There are a couple different ways:

We will be having TWO fundraising events here in the Salt Lake Valley.

1- We will be having a family and friends night at Fat Cats to bowl and eat pizza- all of the money we make, will go straight to the LLS. We will also be holding a raffle that night with lots of great prizes! If you cant come bowl, come see what you can win at the raffle! Held the first week of March.

2-We will be having our second event which is an adults only BINGO night. I am so excited about Bingo and think it will be a great time! You will have the opportunity to win AWESOME prizes while playing Bingo, with the option to buy dinner and dessert through the catering company that will be there. There will be live music, and an auction at the end of the game. Held the last week of March.

Buy a Bracelet!!

$2.00 each!!!

**I am heading up sales of bracelets that have Jerons motto on them "EVERY DAY IS A GIFT". If you live in the Salt Lake Valley and would like to purchase one or a  few bracelets, please email me and I would be happy to let you know where we will be selling them, or even meet up to give you the bracelets.
If you do not live in SLC, You can still buy one!! You can still purchase a bracelet by paying through my PalPal account. My user name is:
If you use PayPal to purchase your bracelets please be sure to:
* Under the "Personal Tab" please mark either Gift or Other
* PLEASE include an extra dollar for shipping for the first 2, and an additional 50 cents for every 2 more that you buy. I tried so hard to find the very cheapest way to ship these without costing you a lot, and us losing money that could go toward the fundraiser. Example: if you want 4 bracelets, please include an addition $1.50 for shipping. We would really appreciate that!
*When you go through the payment process through PayPal, please leave me a note with your address so I know where to ship them and what colors you would like!

If I know you, don't know you, or you just happened across this blog, please know EVERYONE is welcome (and encouraged)  to purchase a bracelet, and know that ALL of the money goes towards LLS.
And everyone could use a reminder that Everyday is a Gift...don't you think?

My personal goal is to sell 50 of these on my blog alone! So I would LOVE the help from anyone that stops by- don't be shy!!

Donations through our website: And the last way to help:

Cant go to our events, and not interested In a bracelet? Go directly to the website above and you can make a donation there. Every dollar counts!
If you want to donate something to one of our raffle events or auction, let me know and I would be happy to pick it up. Every donation is 100% tax deductible.

Again, we are so proud of our mom and cant wait to get this going! This has been a long time coming, but we haven't been able to accept donations until last night so..
READY, SET GO!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Bingo night! Did you ever go to Bingo at USU? So much fun! Maybe the hubs and I can make it a date night :-) I hope your mom gets the award, she definitely deserves it!