Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Results are in....

Today was such an awesome day.
We got to go to the Dr and have an ultra sound and see our little baby!
I was certain it was a girl from the beginning. But this last weekend I went to Dallas, Texas to see Pink in concert with a friend that lives there. She has a little baby boy and I kind of grew fond of him and wondered if it was a sign that I would have a boy. Then last night I had a dream that when I was getting the ultra sound the baby sat straight up and smiled and it was a boy. So this morning I was certain I was having a boy.
Russ had a feeling from the beginning it was a boy and said every time we talked about "it" he pictured a boy.
We got into to the Dr appointment and they started right up and we could immediately see a baby instead of a little bean :)
The lady doing the ultra sound said, "It looks like you guys are going to have a little princess!"
Russ's reaction, "He's gay?" haha Got to love him.
Its a GIRL!
We were both crying our eyes out and couldn't get enough of looking at HER.
We were both excited beyond words. It was one of the greatest moments ever in my life.
She had her little arm up behind her head resting at one point and yawned! It was amazing to see!
Russ and I both had our wrist read years ago where you hang a ring over your wrist with a string and it will tell you how many kids and what you are having depending on how it swings.
Mine said 3 boys. Russ's said 15 kids. So either something isn't quite right, or that doesn't work at all :)

Do you think she will like us? I hope so, because we already really like her.


  1. I read Russ's comment to my husband. He said "Wow! The ultrasound equipment is way more advanced in Salt Lake than in Evanston." Husbands are funny :-)

  2. I am so excited for you guys! You will be a great mother!!

  3. I never wanted girls.... until I had one! You will LOVE it! So fun!!

  4. She is going to LOVE you! I can't wait to meet her and put big bows on her tiny little melon! ;)

  5. Love your new blog layout! Also, how could she not LOVE you two? You guys are going to be the most amazing parents! Girls are a blast, can't wait for you! So so happy right now!

  6. Yay!!! So fun to finally know the gender. That always made it feel so much more real to me! :) She is going to be a gorgeous little one, just like her momma and OF COURSE she will love you both to pieces. Can't wait to meet her!

  7. You and Kate Middleton!

    I apologize if this is a repeat. I so technologically challenged!

    Congratulations! We are so stinking excited for you. We love girls! She is going to be beautiful!

    I can't believe I read this so late! I will be better at keeping up. Lot of sickness lately.

  8. She is going to love the socks off you!! Oh man, it's so great Chels!! Nothing quite like becoming a mama, its the tops!