Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome Home Ben!

Russ's younger brother came home from a mission in December! He is such a good kid and an amazing example. He served two years in Taiwan and speaks Chinese like a dream. Its really cool because he served in the same mission as my brother. I got to know him for about a year before he left and its so great having him back. The same day that he came home, my mom had planned a girls weekend down town. She had a hotel reserved right in City Creek and planned to go see the Candy windows, shop and swim. I was able to meet up with them briefly and have dinner before Russ came down town to pick me up to rush to the airport. Unforuntately, we ran into a lot of traffic and ALMOST missed him!
As soon as we came down the stairs we heard screams and saw him coming down a seperate set of exalators. We made it though! He looked so good and so happy.
His cute mom holding her sign and waiting. This lady is amazing. She had 8 children and is an amazing mom and grandma. Im lucky to have her as a mother in law.
Plus, she has a soft spot in her heart for animals so that makes me love her even more.
Ben is the youngest of the 8. Ben and Russ:
Most of the Nelson family:
I told my mother in law I would make a sign too. So I called my brother since he speaks Chinese too and asked what "Welcome Home" In Chinese was. I wasnt totally confident he gave me the right wording since I have years of April Fools Jokes coming back to me. Like the time he talked my 70 year old neighbor into calling Russ and I last year while we were in San Diego on vacation to tell me my house had been broken into. All I can say was he totally got us, and my neighbor was a killer actress on the phone because we totally fell for it and was about ready to hop a plane home. This is from years of me getting him on April Fools Day. You would think he would learn.
I thought for sure he would tell me something inappropriate to play a joke on me, but Ben confirmed it was right :)

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  1. The photos are great! Love the new look of your blog too.