Thursday, January 26, 2012

St Thomas/St John

We love going on cruises. We love traveling and going to really remote places, but its fun every once in a while to do a cruise and not have to think about a thing except what you are going to eat and what excursion to do.
Speaking of cruises, how crazy was that cruise that sunk in Italy? That captain better be in so much trouble..what was he thinking? I feel so bad for all those people that died and are missing. One of the couples I read about was an older couple that saved up after putting 3 kids though private school. First night out, the captain decides to be an idiot.
Anyway, back to happier thoughts, St Thomas!
St Thomas was our first stop on our cruise. We actually didn't stay in St Thomas, we took a bus to the other side of the island and hopped on a boat to go to a little island off of St Thomas called St John.
What a fantastic place. Right after pulling in to St John, we stopped at this little shack on the side of the road and ordered a fresh fruit smoothie to cool us down before our hike.

We hiked for about a mile in this thick brush, and all of the sudden...we arrived to "Honeymoon Beach". We figured we couldn't come all this way and not go to Honeymoon Beach on our honeymoon! It was worth it!

We had a little bit of rain while we were on the beach, but I don't mind rain when you are swimming in the water and the outside temperature is still in the 80's.
Russ snorkeled for a bit
While I read.
After hanging out for a few hours, it was time to hike back and get ready to make our way back to the ship.
Goodbye St John
Streets of St Thomas at the port where I got a "genuine" pearl for 2 bucks :)
While everyone was taking pictures of beautiful St Thomas, we were busy shoving our faces with pizza. When I think of a cruise, I think of 24 hr pizza. My very favorite part. We at least when on deck while we were eating it.

St Thomas/ St John in a nutshell. Now that we had a huge piece of pizza to "hold us over" time to get ready for dinner!

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  1. I LOVE St. John. Seriously one of my favorite places on earth. I can't wait to take Tyler there one day. Hopefully one day is soon. Can't wait to read more!