Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011- My Review

2011=over. I cant believe it.
I had a great year! Most importantly, I got married and got a new job. Lots of good things to look forward to in 2012.
As I look back at 2011, I cant help but laugh at the outside world.
Here is my list of things I loved, and things that I am happy to see go.
If anyone is guilty of any of these things, I hope I am not offending anyone, but I too am guilty of some of these.

Things that made me sad:

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
I was glued to the TV for a week watching news updates and videos. I cant imagine anything more scary then a huge earthquake, followed by a wall of water swallowing a whole city. I think those are 2 of my most feared natural disasters and I felt terrible for all those people. There was hundreds of billions of damage done, lives lost, and thousands displaced. Very very sad.

Casey Anthony case also made me sad.
No one will ever know for sure exactly what happened. We all have our opnions- I know I do, but the bottom line is, a darling innocent girl is gone and no one is paying the price for it..yet.
I followed the trial quite a bit and I know I couldnt believe it when I heard the verdict. May justice be served one day.

Things that I will not be sad to see go that was big in 2011:

Lady Gaga (Even though she will be here forever)
I actually like a lot of her music, but enough is enough. You really think you are THAT cool that you can show up to an award show in meat? Im not sure where she comes up with all her outfits and gigs, but I guess its working because she is EVERYWHERE. I was pretty sad that she was the one to ring in the new year on ol Dick Clarks Rockin New Year.
Russ's cute nephew Forrest, who is 4 years old, told a great Lady Gaga joke this Christmas Eve.
How do you wake up Lady Gaga?
You Poke Her Face.
Loved it!

Something else I would like to see calm down just a tich this coming year is mister Justin Bieber himself. I am very proud of him for all that he has accomplished at such a young age, but I need a Bieber Break.
While we were on our cruise for our honeymoon, they had a huge TV out on the deck of the ship. They played "Never say never" and I couldnt believe all the grown people GLUED to the movie, me and Russ included. What is it about the little twirp that sucks you in?
Our adult soccer team was even named Bieber Fever.
Way to go Justin Bieber, congrats on all your success, now please go use all those millions of dollars you earned and hide out for awhile.

There are also a few sayings that really hit it big this year that make me cringe a bit, and I hope will stay in 2011. Lets hope we get some new sayings in the new year:
"Just Sayin'"
"Im not going to lie"
"Love, Love, Love"- suddenly you dont love something until you add 2 more "loves" But I am guilty of this one.
And the saying I want to stay in 2011 more then anything is......
"I miss your face" - just my face?

Things I loved!
Skinny Jeans! I know they were out years back, but I feel like they really came in with a bang this year, and in lots of fun colors.
However, I heard very sad news that skinny jeans are on their way out this year. They are so comfy, easy with boots and I will miss them dearly.

I also loved Charlie Sheen this year!
I actually can not stand Charlie Sheen, but I cant believe how much I loved hearing his randomness, his quotes, and his overall wackiness.
I think my favorite Charlie quote I heard was, "The partying run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards- all of them look like droopy eyed armless children". What the? What does that even mean? Thank you for entertaining me Charlie, and most of all for finally getting out of the lime light.

I also loved everyones obbsession with the Royal Wedding. No, I did not stay up to watch the wedding, nor did I follow it at all, but I loved everyones obsession for 2 stangers falling in love. It was a fun thought to think of an every day girl becoming a princess, but really? I saw homemade shirts, mugs, cakes..with Will & Kates engagemement photo. Funny, and I loved it. Oh, but I do love Kates style. She is the one who finally convinced me of nude colored heels.
Congratulations to the beautiful couple, and may there be many royal babies to come for the world to swoon over.

I also loved Words with Friends.
Thank you to my cousin Merz for introducing me to the game. Im actually not very good at the game at all, but I have a great time playing.
I also love Hanging with Friends.
Alec Baldwin even got kicked off a plane for this addiction. I dont blame him for not wanting to turn off his game, but rules are rules Mr Baldwin, plus your not Lady Gaga, only she gets away with ridiculous things.
Thank you Words with Friends!

I loved that the war has FINALLY come to an end! I will be the first to admit that I dont like politics and really I dont follow any of it much. My "Gram" used to always tell me not to ever talk politics or religion with anyone and I would be fine. I was so excited to hear the war was to an end and all those soldiers would be home for the holidays with their families.
I can not thank all of those who fought everyday, died in action and all the families home supporting or left behind by those brave men and women. Thank you!
2011 was a fantastic year! I hope you all had a great year with lots to look forward in this new year. Good luck with setting and achieving your goals.

Also, I would love to hear what you loved, or are excited to see go from 2011.
I love year reviews.


  1. Hi Chelsea, I found your blog while looking for your address to send a Christmas card. I love your writing and opinions. This topic has been on my mind too.
    Like you, I worry about offending. So in my limited sphere these are the things I’m glad to see end in 2011. Slightly worried I may get some hate mail.
    1) I’m glad Chaz Bono is done with Dancing with the Stars. I understand he went through a lot emotionally through this sex change decision and surgery, so I have some sympathy. But I still feel uncomfortable about it. After some soul searching I admit I must be small minded. Because it comes down to the fact that he was much better looking as a woman than a man. Now I read he’s saving money for a male organ transplant. Hmmm, wonder how that will work.

    2) Conrad Murray. Not certain this is really over, but a sentence has been made. I am glad if the sentence was correct that justice has been served. But I am so tired hearing about it. Murder is wrong. Medical mistakes are made all the time. Because Dr. Murray’s patient was Michael Jackson it was everywhere and his mistake was worse than any other mistake made by any other medical professional. The Jackson family was everywhere giving their opinions about “saint” Michael and “evil” Conrad Murray. I believe Michael Jackson was a genius musically and Ioved to watch him dance, but like most genius’ he had a crazy side. He made some poor choices in his life and was a terrible example. If anything he taught how not to be. I can’t help but think he was a drug addict, anorexic, pedophiliac, shopaholic, etc. He made his choices and he wasn’t a saint and wasted his life.

    3) I’m happy that people are more comfortable saying, “I can’t afford it.” Maybe this is only among my friends, but we never talked about this before. This year it seems we’re more comfortable admitting we don’t have unlimited funds and we’re trying to stick to our budgets. I don’t mind not keeping up with the “Jones’s” and I love supporting my friends in their financial goals. I agree with Dave Ramsey’s statement “The new Rolls Royce is a home paid off.”

    4) I believe in 2012 we’ll see more of a push to eat our veggies. High protein diets were such the rage, but I like that we’re encouraging more vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good steak, but we could all use a little more pure nutrition in our diets which I believe we can only get from fruits and vegetables.

    Blah, blah, blah. Thanks for giving me a chance to share my opinions.

    Best Wishes, Cassie
    Happy 2012!

  2. Sad that just as I was about to be comfortable wearing skinny jeans they are on their way out. Crazy that by living n Florida and not following fashions, I've missed a few trends completely. Oh well... guess I saved myself some money.
    It was so so good to see you a couple weeks back. I really miss you... all of you, not just your face. K, that's all. Come back to Florida, while we're in town please. Soon.

  3. I am with Brittany - I finally just bought a pair and now I am so out-dated! Of course. :) Hahahaha. I agree. I MISS YOUR FACE. Not my favorite. But I love, love, love you! Hahahaha. So guilty of the TRIPLE love. Maybe 2012 will be the year of the quadruple love. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! :)