Monday, January 23, 2012


We had so much fun on our honeymoon! After all that planning and stress leading up to the wedding, it was so nice getting away for 10 days and relaxing in the sun.
We spent a couple days in Puerto Rico before hopping on the ship for a cruise around the Virgin Islands.
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico is such a cute little town. I loved it! The buildings are so cool and bright, and the city was so easy to get around on foot.
We flew in and started off our day with lunch on the beach. We had just had an overnight flight and I dont sleep on planes, so please excuse my not so fresh look.
Caribbean pizza! Yum.

We had a lot of fun walking around the city. Every time we turned the corner I fell in love with another building.
For those of you that dont know me, or havent been in our house, I LOVE color. Almost every room in my house is a different color, so this was my kind of city.

I loved this old lady hanging out of her window, with an ice cream cart under her window. Right across from her window was the old Fort right along the ocean.
Hanging out at the old Fort. It was really cool! It had some cool little brick ways and hide outs!

There was a huge open field of grass right above the ocean. For some reason, it felt wrong not to do a cartwheel.
But when I did it, it definitely didnt feel right! If you haven't done a cartwheel in years, I challenge you to do it. It hurt so bad.
I love looking back at pictures we took. For some reason, of all the beauty around us, we both felt it necessary to take a picture of each other, taking a picture.

I thought this was a cool cemetery. Its not often you see a cemetery right on the ocean front.
We enjoyed some delicious Puerto Rican food. I had Moofonga, which is basically a plantain base with meat on top, and Russ enjoyed a 10 lb box of bread pudding.

Russ swam in the ocean for a little bit while I took a nap on the beach. I cant think of anything better then taking a nap on the beach, especially when there is a perfect ocean breeze so you're not too hot.
Down by the fort every Sunday they have a huge kite flying day. It was so fun to hang out in this huge open field with hundreds of kites flying everywhere and a pretty sunset.
We went out on the town that night. They closed down the streets and had a big market with lots of food and live music. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of energy.
We walked down to the beach for a while.

Russ saw a crab in the sand, and I only wish I knew how to explain how funny it was watching him try and catch this crab. There were people out on the balcony above us and I bet they thought he had gone mad.
He was crawling all over the ground going a million miles an hour and jerky every which way as the crab tried to get away, but it was dark so you couldnt tell what he was doing.
He finally caught it, and it wasn't happy! It sliced Russ's finger open. I was surprised how deep it was!
I guess the city had a ton of rats and mice so they brought in cats to control the pesky little rodents. The cats ended up taking over the city. There were cats everywhere! Sleeping on all the cars, and walking about the streets. This one was my favorite.. bat cat.
Since it was our first night on our trip we decided to get some sparking cider and sit up on the balcony and see the city life.
Russ could not get the bottle open. He twisted and turned the cork forever and couldnt get it to open.
I was laughing so hard and taking pictures of him trying to open it, when it literally shot 30 ft in the air. You can see the panicked look on Russ's face. It hit the top of the building, bounced off the side and ended right back to his feet. I seriously laughed forever.
That night around 1am we woke up to this huge crashing sound. We both woke up in a complete panic. For some reason, the city was setting off these huge fireworks in the middle of the night, and because of the tall buildings, the sound was amplified like crazy. We seriously thought we were being bombed.
The next day, we spent around the city and hopped on our cruise that night leaving Puerto Rico!

Next stop.. St Thomas!


  1. HA! I am glad you weren't really being bombarded! That would be so freaky. I love the pic of bat cat! And the pic of you looking out - so gorgeous. And holy crap, your hair is so long!!

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    The perfect honeymoon! Seriously beautiful!

    You should read books 2 & 3 of Hunger Games, so good! I hope I can get Seth to the movie. What is your book club reading now? Cassie

    Happy Belated Birthday, Russ!
    From, Seth

  3. What a fun place! You always have the best pictures and are so good at documenting. :) Can't wait to hear more about your amazing honeymoon!