Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saona Island

We had heard about a little island an hour boat ride away from our hotel so we decided one day to head out there. So glad we did, it was beautiful! The morning we were going, we woke up really early to have breakfast and had a little bit before we were going to be picked up so we went and hung out by the pool
Waiting in the lobby for our ride
There was a really cute older couple with us from Chile and they were so nice! Even though we had a huge language barrier we still had each others backs and took pictures of each other the whole day. The man tried his best to help us understand things since he spoke Spanish. They drove us down a little rocky road and tried to sell us cigars and finally left us at the beach waiting for our boat. It was So hot.
Just before we reached the island, the boat stopped in the most beautiful water ever. the water was so clear and there were Star Fish everywhere! You could swim 15 feet and there were new ones. Big ones, small was so awesome! Ive never held live star fish.
What better place to kick back and sip on some Coke?
It was so cool to be so far out in the ocean and far from shore, but still be in waste deep clear water.
Call Me Maybe?
We made it to the island and went exploring!
Russ saw this weird sea shell sticking out of the ground and dug it up to find a Conch!
They told us that on the island we would have free drinks. What they didn't tell us, was that it was alcohol. Since we don't drink, we had some water that was supposed to be safe, but we are pretty sure, this very water in our hands is what made us sick for the next 2 weeks after this picture was taken.
It was either the water we drank, or this food that made us both really sick. Sometimes a picnic and strangers in swimming suites just don't mix.
After unknowingly poisoning ourselves with bad food/water, we went for a dip here:
A month before we left on this trip, I had a work trip in Florida and my hotel was right on the beach. Before or after work, depending on my work schedule, I would lay out or swim by the pool. I learned a very good lesson on the importance of applying sunscreen evenly. So, if you are wondering why my armpits are so nicely tanned, its leftovers from this:
Lesson learned. What is a vacation and trip to the beach without an appearance from the famous red speedo? That's right, Dominican Republic is no different.
We are pretty sure after this trip that that famous red Speedo just might be a pair of underwear, and not swim wear. We aren't sure (Im almost certain that thing wasn't made for swimming). Soaking in the last few minutes before we had to leave.
We rode a big colorful catamaran back to the main island and it was such a nice ride. I didn't get sea sick, the sea breeze was perfect and it was so nice to sit and relax and watch a bunch of drunk people dance and walk around a moving boat.
As we were in the middle of the ocean, the captain came and tied these little dew rags on our heads. He walked away and I thought...hey! Finally after spending a lot of money on this boat trip they give you a souvenir! Then like 20 min he came back and said we could only keep them if we paid him $5 each. Ahh, I should have known!
After we gave our dew rags back to him, we laid on the very front of the boat with our heads hanging over the front watching the water pass. We found these flying fish that would jump out of the water and fly forever! We started timing them and did this the whole way back. Good way to end the day.(Our nice friend from Chile came and tapped on our shoulder and asked for our camera to take this picture. I thought that was so thoughtful).


  1. oh it okay that i am a little jealous of all the fun trips you guys go on? it's 50% jealous and 50% so excited and happy for you!!! seeing these pictures makes me wish kris and i would have done more traveling...liked saved every penny we earned and took as much vacation time as possible to make memories like the red speedo, catamaran jumping fish and even the food poisoning!! the pictures of the starfish are SOOOOOO cool. what an amazing trip!! you look gorgeous too!

  2. What a fun trip! I want to go the DR with Ty so bad. I wonder if I can talk him into paying for flights now that I don't grt them free. That water seriously looked amazing! I can't believe how clear it is. Miss you and love you!