Monday, January 14, 2013


I have wanted to swim with dolphins for a long time. We somewhat swam with them in the Caribbean a couple years ago, but that's not what I had in mind. I wanted to swim and hang out with them in the water. We decided to cross this off the bucket list and Im so so glad we did. We went a couple hours away from our resort and SWAM WITH DOLPHINS!! It was such a great experience. It was out in the ocean, instead of some little pen these poor animals are cooped in. I think the people that ran the show must have known how excited I was because they were building the anticipation by making me watch birds ride bikes.
And then took us over to a show and had this guy give us a kiss. But that was actually really fun.
On our way out to the dolphins!!!!
It was so cool because the dolphin trainer was from Australia, so she spoke English! It was awesome. I was obsessed with those animals. I could have stayed out there all day. It was a fantastic experience. I learned so much about them and had a permanent smile out there. It was somewhat intimidating being in the dark ocean not seeing anything around you and not being able to touch. The instructor would say, K start swimming and I will tell you when to stop. So you are in the ocean just swimming and all the sudden there are 2 dolphins next to you. SO scary and SO incredible!!! We did lots of fun things with them, but Russ put his foot down on buying on the pictures so this is what we have captured!
On our way back. I wish I could have stayed there all day. Cody my brother and his family know what a killer dolphin impression Russ does in water. It will make you cry you will laugh so hard. We didn't have the thought until after we were out of the water, but this will do. Kemp know what Im talking about.
One of the best days ever :) It was on the bus ride back to our resort where we started feeling sick..uh oh.


  1. Loved reading about your trip and seeing all the fun pictures!! What an incredible experience that must have been to swim with dolphins!!!

  2. okay, I just showed my kids all of these pictures and they were wide-eyed and open-mouthed....thought it was the coolest thing....i was right there with them, though--SOOOOOOO cool!!! i would have been freaking out. what a cool experience! i love how much you love animals. it is such an endearing quality. my kids also LOVE looking at pictures of Ecko....huge fans of the picture of him with the birthday hat on. dutch likes to point to his tongue and say 'lick". one day i will get a dog again!

  3. Look at that hot body! I am so so jealous of this trip. I want to go to there ( do you ever watch 30