Thursday, January 24, 2013


While I was looking for a vacation for us to go on for our anniversary, I saw there were really inexpensive cruises going to the Bahamas going out of Florida where we would be flying in and out of for the Dominican Republic. So we decided to go on a marathon anniversary trip. By the time we left the D.R. we were both really sick from the water or food we ate on Saona Island. Russ unfortunately was a lot more sick than I was at this point. To protect him from being too embarrassed, I will leave out two very funny stories on our way back to Florida. Lets just say one of us was doing a role play to the non English speaking driver, for the other who needed to immediately be pulled over, in a van full of strangers. When flew back to Florida and got to spend time with my dear friend Britt!
We love the Rhodes, and they live such a fantastic life in Florida. Its always a good time with Britt, but with both of us being sick, especially Russ, we werent too much fun for them. But thank you guys so much for having us, and showing us a good time while we were there!!
We had been eating so much crap at the resort and was about to get on a cruise ship where we knew we would shove our faces with food so Britt cooked us healthy meals which we greatly appreciated. Britt took us to Miami where we were going to hop on the cruise ship. We went to a yummy restaurant and walked around Miami. Love ya Britt!
(Side note: Dont you think she looks JUST like the actress Amanda Peet)
Once we were out in Miami, Russ was super under the weather, so we ended up just going straight to the ship to relax. Audios Miami!
He may not have been feeling well, but he pulled it together for Lobster dinner.
We are big picture takers. So instead of me making a few post of the cruise and since I am so far behind on blogging, here is a highlight: One of the Days:
We laid low on the beach since we werent 100% but we still had fun! Russ always wants to walk a million miles down the beach so there is no one around and Im always bugged until we get to the spot where no one is!
Since we were already just laying around, I asked Russ if I could bury him. He was a good sport. Everyone had been posting online that it was snowing back home, so I made a snow man!...out of Sand. And the best part, he just got to lay there and be covered in cool sand.
Dont let the water fool you, it was surprisingly cold.
Heading back to the ship
Every day when we got back on the ship, we would get a Sudoku game out of the game room and watch the sunset as we raced to see who would finish first. I won every time, which is total bragging rights because he is 10x smarter than I am.
Check out the sunset that night!
Another Day:
One year Anniversary pic
I was on my towel reading a book when Russ says, "Hey Chels? Do I have buck teeth?" I looked away from my book to see this:
Only Russ would find these funky looking seashells and be able to make me laugh like he does. He is pretty awesome.
Another beautiful sunset
While on the cruise, the cruise director kept getting us so excited about their "private" island. We were pretty excited to finish off the trip on a private island! Taking the tender out to the island
The cruise lines private island was probably the least private place we have EVER been. It was almost comical.
Russ immediately wanted away from all these people and wanted to go snorkeling, so we went for a walk to find less people!
The island had been hammered by the last hurricane. It was sad to see all the palm trees dead, and all the beaches washed away. But we found a perfect place to sit, think, and enjoy the last part of our trip.
Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest. If that is the case, we are fixin to have to mighty fine life because its been awesome!

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  1. Oh man, I love you guys! It was so fun to see you guys for a minute, we need to make it happen again soon! Also, I always said the same thing about the first year of marraige... we loved it so much and it just keeps getting better! So happy for you guys Chels! Love you!