Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet Savannah

I had an event in Hilton Head, SC so Russ came along for a FUN couple of days! We took a red eye flight hoping to take advantage of our time off. It wasnt as easy on us as we thought it would be. Especially because we had a layover at 4 am.
We flew into Savannah and spent a few hours before driving to Hilton Head. Savannah was the hottest place I think I have ever visited in my life. In a weird way, I love humidity though. I couldnt believe how lush and green and full everything was! This was by far my favorite building in the whole city.
We walked around down town to see what the city had to offer:
We had a really delicious Mexican food down by the river. Russ had some kind of fish I had never heard of. You know when they say Southern Hospitality? Its true, and its awesome. Everyone is SO SO nice! And So welcoming.
After lunch we went sunglasses shopping, and went to the coolest candy shop. It smelled DELICIOUS and even gave out a few samples. Its a good thing I was full of fajitas because I would have gone to town in the candy shop.
Caramel Apples are maybe one of my favorite things ever. Sprinkle a little sliced almonds on there and its borderline perfection.
We went to a cute little neighborhood to see a pretty park
I want a colorful house and a colorful neighborhood. Although, the whole time I was there, I couldnt decide what color I would paint my house. I saw a plumb colored house with black shutters and that was pretty cute. Russ and I were saying on this trip...if we only lived by a really cool park or something, we would work out ALL the time. We saw people running, and walking their dogs, and riding their bikes, even though it was unbearable hot. Then we thought about it, and realized we DO live right across the street from a really cool park and we NEVER work out. Time to pull ourselves together. But here is the really pretty park we would surely work out in all the time if we lived in Savannah.
There was a big photo shoot going on for Express and it was hilarious watching Russ make fun of all the models on balcony strutting their stuff. Im sure it was actually one of his favorite parts of Georgia.
On to the beach!!
Once we got to Hilton Head we of course wanted to go straight to the beach. It was unlike any beach Ive ever been to. I loved the sand dunes, I loved the board walks, I did not like being in my clothes and billions of people. Russ informed me that the exact beach we were on, was the one Miley Cyrus's "The Last Song" was filmed on. Dont tell him I told you thought.


  1. That first building picture you posted I LITERALLY thought was a postcard. What a gorgeous picture/place!

  2. Savannah looks GORGEOUS!! What an absolutely beautiful place.

  3. We have got to go to Savannah and Hilton HEad while we have free flights. Both of those places look so amazing! Jealous that your work takes you there!