Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bounce Back!

Last minute Russ and I decided to "bounce back" to Lagoon, one Saturday morning. SO glad we did. Again, the lines were super short, and Russ did really well! He didnt even get sick! I was so excited.
We got all the rides in we wanted to, had lunch, and of course finished off our day with funnel cake.
Russ has been trying to get me to go fishing with him forever. We went and bought me a fishing license, Russ let me pick out all of the lures etc and we were on our way. We went up Logan canyon to fish in Mantua. Russ had heard the fishing was really good there. On our way, we stopped at a few produce stands and bought cherries, mangos and the most delicious batch of apricots ever! I think we literally ate this whole bag in a couple of days.
Fishing was a perfect way to end the summer day. It was really a perfect day. I sat on the dock, dipping my feet in the water thinking it had been a pretty perfect summer day. I wouldnt have changed a thing about it.
Turns out the fishing isnt great. I caught one and instantly felt so sad about it. We released the little guy asap. Russ wasnt too lucky and didnt catch anything, but he sure looked good trying!

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  1. You're kidding me! Did you really sign up? Misery loves company! We could totally motivate each other. Are you doing the boot camp?

    Yes, my phone number. I wish we could chat about this.