Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charleston!- Are you Mormon?

Since I get to travel a lot, I also get to meet really awesome people from all over. I also get really awesome questions, and they are usually all the same questions. A couple conversations from my last trips:

In South Carolina:
Guy: Where are you from?
ME: Utah!
Guy: Utah?? Are you Mormon?
ME: Yes, I am.
Guy: Sad, so you cant celebrate your birthday or Christmas?
Me: Hmmm, Ive celebrated all my 27 birthdays, and Christmas :)

In Texas:
Man: Its been nice chatting with you! Where are you from?
ME: You too! Im from Salt Lake City, UT.
Man: Are you one of them Mormons?
Me: Haha, I am one of those Mormons!
Man: can only drink milk right? (Thats been one of my favorites)

While I was in Hilton Head, I met the nicest girl! I think if she lived in Utah, we would have become really good friends. She works for the Humane Society and has a huge passion for animals...great quality for a friend. She lived a couple hours away in Charleston and said Russ and I should come up and explore the next day. We were so glad we did! Charleston was super cool. When we first got there the first thing I noticed, was the street! Look at the cool stone.
We parked our car and started walking toward a cute little park. Russ called it the lonely park, because there were one man benches.
There was this cool surround sound spot. If you stood right in the middle of this little pedistal, it sounded like you were in a tunnel.
Another thing I loved about this park, is you could actually wade in their ponds. It was SO hot, and a lot of fun to cool off in the water.
Maybe my new favorite shop in the world is located in Charleston. It made me want to change the whole way Ive decorated our house. I loved it. Too bad I could only afford a magnet. But by golly its a grand ol magnet. We went to lunch at the yummiest place! I had fried green tomatoe BLT and Russ had shrimp and grits. This was my first time having grits. I had no idea what they were, but I really really loved them. Russ at lunch...I wish this picture showed how blue his eyes were in this light.
My favorite part of Charleston was Rainbow Row. Its a cute little street chuck full of colorful houses.
We went shopping at a little market and watched every other vendor weave some baskets and turn around and sell the for $400. I couldnt believe it. I need to learn how to weave. Charleston, like Savannah Georgia has the greatest buildings ever!! So much character and color.
I loved that there wasnt a lot of traffic. If you want to take a tour of the city, you can go on foot, or in a horse carriage.
Too hot to take any more pictures.
Such posers
Our vacation revolved around eating. Doesnt most vacations or is it just us? We literally had seen everything we wanted to but waited around to have dinner at another recommended restaurant. Goodness. Charleston was really cool. Im sure there was plenty more to see in more than a few hours that we had there, but we loved it. Highlight of Charleston was definitely Rainbow Rob and eating grits. On our way back to our rental car.
Russ loved the rental. I think he felt like a bad A. The two of us at the Sound. I was melting at this point if you cant tell.


  1. This reminds me of an experience I had at the U. Someone said to me, "Are you Mormon?" I said "Yes," seriously thinking he was impressed with my glow:). Then he said, "Figures, only a Mormon would take my parking spot." I felt awful. I didn't get the chance to tell him that I learned how to take parking spots just that week in in Sunday school.

  2. I once had a guy tell me that growing up back east he had always heard that when mormons get married to a second or third or fourth wife, the first wife gets thrown off of the top of the temple into the great salt lake. Awesome.

  3. No bdays or Christmas's and only milk huh?! That is TOO funny. Us Mormons are pretty crazy huh? Seems like you have the perfect job since you love to travel! I love seeing the fun places you get to go and all your adventures.