Thursday, February 16, 2012

St Kitts

I sure loved St Kitts. It was a titch hectic when we stepped off the boat. This guy holding a tiny monkey with a tiny diaper came up to me. Of course because its an animal and because its tiny I for sure want to hold it. Biggest tourist mistake ever. He basically throws this monkey in my arms (which I secretly loved) and then wants money for it. Russ grabbed the monkey out of my hands and gave it back to the guy and walked away. The guy was pissed and demanded money.
As soon as I was 5 steps away from him this woman literally grabs my other arm and slathers something all the way up and down my arm. This freaked me out. What was she rubbing all over me? Turns out it was supposedly some sort of aloe vera she was trying to sell. So she demands money. Russ was like, "nope, nope" and then she gets mad. Monkey man comes back and tells Russ, "We have to make a living too!"
So within 5 min and walking out of the pier I held a monkey in a diaper and had a magic potion rubbed on to my arm.
Luckily my arm didnt shrivel up and die so we were good to go to the beach!
St Kitts was beautiful, and up to this point, my favorite stop.
We hopped in a loaded taxi with other tourist that took us to the beach. Our taxi driver was super cool, and gave us a few tid bits about the island.
The look out before we arrived to the beach

Whats a vacation with the famous red speedo?
Russ was starting to wade out into the water and this person comes frantically towards us saying there were tons of those sharp...oh I cant think of what there are called at the moment. But something that lives in the ocean and feels like you are walking on glass. We tried to warn as many other people that were getting in where we were but there were a few unfortunate people tip toeing their way out of the ocean and pulling things out of their feet.
But he found a place to snorkel for a bit
This is where I got to hang out for a few hours.
I was reading "The Art of Racing in the Rain". Did I mention that already? If not, you need to read it. Especially if you are a dog lover. Its literally one of my top 5 books now. Loved it. Its the first book like I laughed out loud and bawled my eyes out.
This was a perfect reading place, besides the really brave crabs that kept sneaking up to my feet.
We walked down the beach a ways where there werent any people and sandy water to swim. We swam forever! We could have kept swimming but there were some people setting up for a beach wedding and I was not about to walk past their ceremony sopping wet with my hubby in his red speedo.
As we were waiting for our taxi man (doesnt this make you want to sing Miley Cyrus? 'taxi man turned on the radio, and the Britney song was on") to come get us, we shared our apple with some friendly wild monkeys. Sharing is caring.
Back at the cruise dock. It was a lot more calm going back. No crazy locals trying to take off my arm.
Back on the ship we of course went straight for the pizza, and then to the room to get all spiffy for the last formal night.
When I was little, I literally had Father of the Bride memorized. I love that movie. If you havent seen it, please do me a favor and watch it. The wedding planner on the movies name is Fronck. He has the funniest accent and he is kind of nutty. Well, our waiter on the ship was EXACTLY like him! Same accent, same personality and even kind of looked the same. It was like a dream. Every time we came into the dining room he would tilt his head and clasp his hands together and say in his accent, "My honeymooners!" One night, he brought out a cake with a candle in it and made everyone sing "Happy honeymoon to you" in the tune of Happy birthday to you, and he made us kiss through the whole song and told us if we stopped kissing he would start over. I dont love kissing in front of other people, especially one whole side of the dining room staring at you kissing as they sing a whole song! But it was funny.
Here is "fronck"
And I am very aware my bra is white. I swear you couldnt see it in real life! The flash of the camera really brought out my fashion bust.
The next day was our last stop. St Maarten! It was the stop I was looking forward to very most. Last is best of all the games.


  1. I love hearing about your honeymoon adventures but I cannot take it when people try to take advantage of you! Your other post about being carsick and that guy just driving you around made me sooo frustrated! I was so glad to see that your husband said no to the lotion lady and monkey diaper!! :) Oh by the way, did you know that your white bra is kind of shining through? Haha just kidding.

  2. I LOVE Father of the Bride. So jealous you had Fronk as your waiter! I'm loving these stories Chels. Sounds like you guys had such a blast!

  3. Holy crap, the locals sound totally nuts! I am glad Russ was there to protect you! I think you look fantastic in your LBD, and didn't even notice the white bra. Hahahaha!