Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

Happy Valentines Day!
I was looking up sweet quotes for my Valentine this year, and couldn't believe some of the things I found.
Valentines day is a funny holiday. I've never been much of a fan. Crowded restaurants, cheesy quotes, and total and utter pain if you don't have a Valentine.
Nevertheless, I would love to share with you some cheesy quotes I found, and wish all my friends, family, and fellow bloggers a very Happy Valentines.

"I love you more than a wasp can sting,
And more than the subway jerks,
I love you as much as a beggar needs a crutch,
And more than a hangnail irks".
(hmmm. Do you feel the love yet?)

"I swear to you by the stars above,
And below, if such there be,
As the High Court loathes perjurious oathes,
That's how you're loved by me".
( I guess I would rather hear this one over loving me more than an "irky"hang nail)

And if these Valentines quotes just aren't doing it for you...

"From one bed bug to another, Happy Valentine's Day"

Thanks for nothing Google.
Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. Way cute card. Hey, also I was going to tell you about an online dress shop I LOVE for modest dresses. Maybe you've already checked it out or bought dresses from there before but if not, you should.... shabbyapple.com. Such cute dresses, all modest. You'll love them.

  2. Those are some pretty awful quotes! Haha. Thanks for the laugh. LOVE that picture of you guys. Too cute!

  3. I found one that said "I love you like a back alley hooker loves crack." Yup, awesomeness.
    You guys are so cute! Hope you had a great vday!