Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gender Reveal!

I literally have no idea how people wait to find out the gender of their babies! I can barely wait long enough not to go to Fetal Photo and find out a couple weeks earlier!
But I made it to 20 weeks and waited somewhat patiently.

The night before our Dr appointment I had one of those dreams that seem SO real! I dreamt I was having identical twin GIRLS.
I called Russ who was already at work and told him that I just knew they were going to be girls. My mothers instinct!
He told me I was probably right.
I got Lila and myself all ready and was planning on meeting Russ at the appointment.
As I got in the car, Russ called me and said he couldn't go. I of course thought he was joking, and he told me he was super sick to his stomach and had already left work early.
Worst wife award here- I told him I was going anyway and I would meet him at home. I couldn't wait another minute!
I got to the appointment and he was downstairs in the their lobby bathroom sick :( Poor guy still made an effort and drove to our Dr office.
I went up to my appointment and we just text back and forth his status. For the first time ever, I walked right in to the appointment. Since there were 2 babies, they always require extra time for the appointment so she just started looking at everything else, in hopes russ would make it!
She asked if I wanted to know the genders, and just then, Russ summoned up the energy to come upstairs and find out just in time.
She went over baby A.....BOY!
I literally couldn't even believe it. It didn't even feel like she was talking to me because I was so sure it was a girl!
She started on baby B and I thought, how fun, a boy and a girl!. Baby B- BOY!

Never.Ever.Ever.Ever. crossed my mind that I would be having 2 boys!!!!
I made her double check and give me a percentage on how sure she was it was 2 boys!
She said 99% sure- that was pretty sure I thought.
I think I was almost as much shocked that it was 2 boys as I was learning there were 2 of them in the first place!

After the shock wore off, I was so excited and even more anxious now that I knew.
I couldn't find the actual files to this picture so I had to pull it off from the ol trusty Instagram.
Such a fun day, and poor Russ was able to go home and be sick at home after that.
Sick, but happy to have 2 little hunting buddies to come!

Big Sister- she just comes for the suckers.