Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas 2014

I love the holidays!
I love them even more with kids.
Parties, Christmas music, family time, baking, shopping, lights...its all so fun.
I just realized that I have a dilemma with the holidays. I hate celebrating Christmas without having Thanksgiving first, but I hate that the build up to Christmas is to short and goes too fast!
For Lilas first Christmas, I took her to Fotofly to have her pictures taken with "Santa" which was really Russ dressed up. I wanted to do that again, but Russ or my sister couldn't come, so I went by myself with Lila and dressed the part.
She is the most photogenic little girl...until you get her behind a professional. From the very moment she was born she does NOT like to cooperate with a professional photographer, even with us right there with her.
It was still fun to dress up and get a grumpy face to remember 2014 by :)

They had a plate of cookies that was a prop for photos. They were really cookies and had me hold them out to her to see if we could get a good shot. By the time she finished getting her cookies she beat an all time record by a child in that studio and grabbed SEVEN cookies in one hand. I was proud.

Russ and I made caramel apples for our neighbors, and I made hot cocoa packets for friends and misc gifts!
Lila and I also made a gingerbread house one night, although it was mostly me and a bunch of kid handled leftover candy.
We started celebrating Christmas with my side of the family a week early.
That way my brother can be in town to celebrate with us, and be back home to do their own family Christmas morning in Idaho.

My awesome parents gave us this amazing bike attachment for the twins.
My crazy sisters and the Christmas miracle of getting that vest zipped up over 2 babies.
My favorite part of the night was when I overheard my nephew reading to Lila, "Twas the night before Christmas, and all through house, the kids were sleeping, hoping they had been good! But don't worry little girl, you've been good."
Russ's family does their big Christmas party on Christmas Eve.
They have a big dinner, nativity and talent show.
Lila was a lamb. And her talent was knowing where the garbage can was and throwing things away.
After the talent show, Russ's mom continues her Swedish tradtion of Santa Lucia and comes out with a crown of lit candles and hands out gifts.
I love that tradition.
We headed home after all of us opened our Christmas jammies. I had asked for a nice silk robe to wear after giving birth to the twins. Russ did a good job of picking it out.
Lila went to bed and we waited for Santa to come :)
He came! And he brought lila a toy kitchen! She has loved that thing and plays on it daily!
A new tea party set!
I think it was a success.
After, we head back to the favorite our PAJAMAS!
I love not having to hurry and get ready and spend part of your Christmas in the bathroom and fighting a child to get dressed. Nope, brush your teeth, and you're out the door!
We spent most of the day there, and headed back to my parents to wish them a merry Christmas and sit by the fire...and take selfies.

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