Monday, April 27, 2015


One of my most favorite things in this entire world is the state fair.
My Grandpa Kemp and all of my cousins would go every year! My Grandpa would always buy me a Navajo taco and we would walk every square inch of that fair ground.
I literally look forward to it every year. And since Russ wouldn't let me take Lila as a newborn ( He thinks its too ghetto and dirty to take a new born.  I had to remind him that my  niece ate a piece of someone elses bacon off the fair ground cement before any of us could stop her and she turned out just fine!).
This particular year it had rained all day. I was feeling pretty crappy with my morning sickness but of course still wanted to go!!
I got lila all dressed in her fair clothes and cowgirl boots and we wished and wished the rain would go away and it did!

It wouldn't be the fair without starting it off right with fair food with cousins.
Heres my cousin Garrett with Lila.

Because I wasn't feeling well, I opted for a rather plain dish of chicken and rice, while Russ went all out with this donut burger. Russ never disappoints when it comes to eating at the fair- partly why I love him so much.

We love surprises! Like running into our sister in law from Russ's side!
Shes so fun.

These little cowgirl boots kill me.


I decided whether I lose my cookies or not, I cant go to the fair without going down the big yellow slide, especially the first time as a family!!

Lilas first time on the big yellow slide.
Ignore my really annoying laugh. I was borderline scared/ incredibly happy for her.

Russ humors me with rides, I humor him with outdoor booths.

This is a look of a little girls first time to the fair, with fair food in her belly, and way past her bedtime. We are going to keep her.

PS- I don't know if its just because she is at the fair, but this picture looks just like me as a child :)

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  1. You're so cute and so good to go even when you weren't feeling well! I love that you love the fair. Such a fun tradition! I've only been a few times but you make me want to go.