Thursday, August 21, 2014

Would you like some chips with that?

This might gross out some (or most) of you.
But its too cute not to share.

Lila is exactly like her Dad and LOOOOOOOOVES to eat.
I haven't found much she doesn't like.
Awhile back we discovered she loves avocados. I would usually blend them up and feed them to her like baby food but now she is getting teeth and getting more independent, I thought it would be fine to cut up a few pieces and let her feed her self.
It was a good/bad idea.
I seriously looked away for one second and was literally shocked when I looked back and saw this cute mug.
She sure tried!

She also loves to push my buttons and watch my reaction as she rubs her meals through her hair.
Im tell you, hair like that on a 10month old is a blessing and curse.


  1. Oh my, what a mess!!! Haha! It's always fun when they start feeding themselves. :) Those pictures are awesome!