Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Month Old!

This little baby is ONE MONTH OLD today!!
I cant believe it.
Its been so much fun seeing her change so much in this short time.

My sister and I took her to get her pictures taken when she was 3 weeks old.
She hated it. We had a one hour session and she cried 55 min of the hour.
We were supposed to get a ton of different settings and I was going to change her into all these cute outfits, instead, she was in her diaper with a bow that was too big on her head for all of them.
Oh well good thing she is SO dang cute!!

Happy one month!
The photographer asked if I wanted my pictures taken with her. I told him no since I wasn't planning on getting my pictures taken and my hair was in a wet bun.
But she cried on and on and on so I picked her up to help settle her down and he started snapping pictures of me holding her.
He folded her cute little arms over my shoulder..

And then he caught her smiling!!

Worth the whole hour we had to listen to her cry.
In these pictures, my sister would take out her binky and stroke her eyes all in a half a second and he would snap to make it look like she was sleeping!


I love her little feet. Her toes look just like Russ's.

You would never know by this peaceful flowery setting and what appears to be a sleeping baby.
Wrong, I think right after my sister pulled the bink and swiped her face..this was the most angry she became, but it looks peaceful right?!
Maybe when she is a little older, until then I will just look at that smiling picture over and over and over...worth it!


  1. she is so stinkin cute!! In the picture with her eyes open she looks just like your Husband!!
    Congrats!! :)

  2. Who wouldn't scream if they were nakey in a freezing cold room. Love her so much - crying and all!