Friday, March 15, 2013


I have a friend that lives in Dallas, Texas.
She invited me to come to town and see PINK in concert.
I thought it would be a really fun girls weekend. My friend Em from Seattle was supposed to fly in and go with us too, but airline tickets got too pricey and she wasnt able to make it.
The concert tickets were really expensive, and I am not a huge concert goer or huge Pink fan, but I was excited to have a girls weekend.
Russ went out camping and hiking with his friend on what his other friends like to call "Broke Back Mountain". Funny to me.
I flew into town and Jamie and her little son picked me up from the airport and we went shopping. Then we took her son home and her husband watched him while we went downtown, had dinner and went to the concert.
I was a little apprehensive going in...spending a fortune for a ticket, and going to a concert for someone Im just not that in...but holy cow. Pink was AMAZING!!!!!
Seriously, I would pay to see her again, and if you are ever somewhere she is performing or if she ever comes to town, I would highly recommend it. A little on the punk side and a few little crude things here and there, but wow can that woman sing!
I kind of forgot how many of her songs I love too.
toward the end of her concert, she did a lot of aerial tricks and one of them was going across the whole audience. It was awesome.
I didnt get hardly any pictures of my trip or the concert, but I did try and get her flying across the audience:

And holy cow does this woman have an amazing body. It made me want to work my butt off after I have this baby.

I tried to pull off the ombre with my hair for a few months and it just didnt feel like me. Between gaining weight (more than I should) and different colored hair, I just didnt feel like myself. I think this may be the last picture of darker hair. Thank goodness.

My favorite song of the concert and maybe my favorite song right now :
So good.
On a complete other note..the next morning after the concert, my friend Jamie made these yummy pumpkin muffins that Ive since made that were so simple and seriously delicious.
She just got a box of spice cake, and a small can of pumpkin and thats it!
Mix the heck out of it and put in muffin tins.
They were so yummy! And really cant get easier than that. When you start stirring, you might think you are supposed to add something else, but just keep stirring and it all mixes together.

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