Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Did you know that Chicago has a nickname of Chi-Town? (pronounced..Shy-town)
I didnt, I picked up a shirt at the Nike outlet and said, "Chee town!". I got laughed at.
Its also called the Windy City, and that it was!!
I got back last week from a little trip to Chee-Town for work. I also got to do a few little touristy things as it was my first time there!
Super bummed I missed the dying of the river green for St Pattys day though!

I flew in on a Monday and got to stay in a fancy little place down town.
When I walked into my room, my computer in my room even welcomed me!
Because of traffic, it took forever to get to our hotel so I was HUNGRY!
Because of the wind and the snow, we hopped in a cab to go to the famous deep dish pizza at Giordanos!
I had to hold my breath for 2 blocks we went (We hadnt realized it was so close to our hotel) because the taxi driver was smoking IN the car while we were moving. Does anyone else think this is rude? Baby has already been directly introduced to second hand smoke. aweome.
We made it!

They told me to be aware that its heavy pizza and like 2 inches thick and I could probably only finish one piece.
Challenge accepted...2 pieces and a salad!

I walked around downtown with my coworker.
Never again will I wear heels while pregnant and walking block after block in Chicago. Lesson learned.

We went to a few shops, and walked along the river.
While You Were Sleeping is one of my favorite movies of all time.
So the whole time I was in Chicago, naturally I was thinking of Lucy, Jack, Peter...and every time a limo drove by I was like..."Oprah?"

My feet had had it at this point so we went back to the hotel.
I only wish I wasnt 12 lbs heavier and with a coworker or I would have totally swam in our hotel pool.
It was built in like the 20's and they kept all the old architecture of it. Its beautiful!
I only wish this picture taken with my phone did the ceiling and detailing justice.

The next day we had to work, but we quickly toured a few more places before heading out of the city.
I of course wanted to see the bean.

Such a cool day with the clouds I Instagrammed the crap out of this one :)

Heel clicker in the bean and didnt spill one drop of my steamed milk.

We then went to the Willis Tower-formally known as the Sears Tower.
Supposedly its the tallest building in the America now that the Twin Towers are gone. Im too lazy to look that fact up, but once I as at the top, I believed it.

Standing on the plexy glass looking down a million feet! So much scarier than I thought it would be. Especially if you look up and see the clouds moving, it makes it feel like you are falling.

We were almost to the agency when we passed Portillos, which is supposedly famous for their hotdogs and beef sandwhiches. I really wanted to a hot dog from a street vendor but we had to leave the city before lunch time. I wanted to pull a While You Were Sleeping and walk up to the vendor and say, "The Usual". and then walk away all mad picking off the onions. But Portillos was a close enough. 

I asked for the real Chicago dog. I am a very plain hot dog eater. Ketchup, mustard- thats it.
But I felt like I had to get the full experience while I was there. So I ate it...didnt love it, but I can say i ate it. Tomatoes just did not fill in the taste of my missing ketchup.

I did love my side dish though.

We had a very successful work trip while we were there.
It was a lot of stress for me planning and always a relief when it goes well.
This wasnt the guy I traveled with the whole time, he flew in later for the day of the event and that was it. But we did fly out together. We also had a 6 hr delay at the airport due to mechanical problems. Why do you they tell you there are mechanical problems? It doesnt make me super excited to board the plane while they are waiting for a "part" for their mechanical problems.
We got there at 6:45 am and waited all day. By 10:00 am we went to Chilis for chips and salsa. We were all getting a little antsy and frustrated with Delta so I thought I would lighten the mood with a little Butter and Jam Jengo! It was fun, and didnt work at all, but we at least tried and laughed about it.

I got home after a few days away from Russ and he said, "Well...you are still pregnant".
I dont know what that means. But yes I am still pregnant...22 weeks!

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  1. You look amazing and I LOVE Chicago! So much fun and I agree, I can down two peices of chicago deep dish pizza no problem. Also, LOVED all of your While you were Sleeping references... I love that show so so much too.