Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Easter..4 months ago.

Why is keeping up on this blog so hard?
I don't know, but Im determined.
Easter, sheesh, I don't even remember that well its been so long.
In preparing for this post Ive realized I take far too many pictures. Its just so hard to narrow it down! So Easter overload, 4 months later, coming at ya..
My sister came and slept over any house so we could take our little ones to Thanksgiving Point early the next morning to get some pictures of them for Easter. Russ was out of town so it was fun! We had dinner, and my sister and I decided to paint one of my walls randomly, but that's another post. We woke up early the next morning to get good light for our pictures.
Turns out early morning in early spring is COLD!
The grounds at Thanksgiving Point were beautiful as always, and the tulips were in full bloom!
My sister and her cute kiddos

We found a couple cute little places to take our kids pictures.

And then we had a free mini photo shoot with bunnies!

Bare feet, early morning, cold cement and an unfamiliar little creature in your lap makes for a bummed out baby.

The next day Lila and I did some crafts. One for her babysitter, and one for..well me.
This little cotton ball craft makes me laugh to this day. Lila wasn't even around and Russ was out and about, but I still had fun! And just look how cute.

Easter finally came and so did the Easter bunny! She was super excited about it.
She was 8 months here.

I wish I would have bought her nothing but empty Easter eggs because still to do this day, there can be a pile of toys and she will go for an empty, plastic Easter Egg.

The bunny brought her a little chirping baby chick that she thought was cool for a nano second.

And of course, an Adirondack chair to sit next to Mom and Dad!

We went over to my parents for Easter lunch and an Egg hunt!

Then we headed down to Russ's parents for Easter dinner and another Egg hunt :)

These two sure love each other.


  1. The picture of Lila next to her Easter basket made me laugh because Brynlie had the same pajamas, has the same chair, and the same chirping chick :-) I love Lila's bedhead too! She is such a cute little thing with that big grin of hers!

  2. So cute Chels! Even though it was months ago it's still fun to read about your Easter. :) Love those pictures with the bunny, even if she's crying!