Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24th- Then & Now

Today is a super special day!
It marks 2 years ago today that Russ and I became engaged.
I was looking through pictures this morning reminiscing about it. I remember the day so well!
It was such a hot day, we had spent most of the day helping move my uncles things who had passed away. His house didn't have AC so I remember being SO hot and Russ wanting to go for a hike!
I didn't want to go hiking at all considering we had been in a hot house all day and then go up into the hot mountains and hike around.
I of course had NO idea he was going to propose or I would have A- looked a whole lot cuter and B- been more supportive of his idea.
I eventually gave in, and we rode up the mountains in his non air conditioned truck.
He had it all planned out where he wanted to take me..clear up to the top to a lake.
It was a tough hike and I was super hot. As we neared the top of the mountain there was still snow!
Snow! In the end of July!
I remember walking up the snow, sliding all around and hearing running water under me. I felt uneasy like I was walking above a stream and would fall in so I finally called it. Told him I was done hiking, I didn't want to go to the top and I was beat.
So we slid down the mountain back down to the trail.
Little did I know I had ruined his plan.
He told me he needed to use the restroom as we hiked on down.
He went off into the bushes and came back a short time later. I had been swatting away at bugs the whole time he was gone and was ready to get a move down the trail.
He told me he had found a beautiful water fall while using the restroom and wanted me to come take a look.
I walked down the steep mountain slope to find he had picture in his backpack he was carrying that he had hung on all the trees. Pictures of the two of us and all of our adventures!
He had a camera hanging from a tree and said he wanted to take one more picture to add to our collection of memories and placed me on the mountain side and ran over. As soon as the camera was about to take the picture he plopped down on a knew and presented me with the greatest surprise EVER!
Of course at the time I didn't care, but looking back, I wish I wasn't wearing shorts that were too big for me and Eckos bandana in my hair.

He carved our initials into one of the trees. Last year for our one year anniversary we hiked back to the spot, (and actually made it all the way up to the lake!) and put in a little notch for one year.
A couple days ago Russ asked me if I wanted to hike back up to our tree and put another notch in it.
I had to remind him I was 9 months pregnant and maybe next year.

Some of the pictures he had hung of the 2 of us.
I miss wearing my beautiful ring. My fingers have been to swollen and fat :(
One of our FAVORITE memories of the whole engagement night, was after he proposed, I of course had a burst of energy and we ran the trail down the whole rest of the way. As we got in his truck to head down the mountain, the sun had now gone down and the entire city was lit with fireworks! Everywhere we looked for our entire ride down the mountain was fireworks galore! We felt like everyone was celebrating our new engagement :)
Now on our two year engagement anniversary, I am a day away from my due date with our first baby!
Our hospital sits up high,  so I would love nothing more than to go into labor today, and look out our window at all the fireworks tonight holding our new baby girl.
Fingers crossed!
Happy Engagement Anniversary Russell! xoxo

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  1. I love this post and this engagement story! I love you two!