Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Kempers

My mom just emailed me a picture my uncle took of us a couple of weekends ago. As I was looking at it I felt really happy. I love my family. I feel so, so lucky to be apart of it. Everyone is so different and I think thats what I love most about it.
Kemp Family- Summer 2012
From left to Right:
My sis in law Kami. She has been in my life forever! She started dating my brother when she was 15 and I was 11. She is such a great mom to my niece and nephews and she always makes any family gathering that much more fun when she is around. She is a FANTASTIC cook and spoils Russ and I rotten when we go up to Idaho to visit.

My brother Cody is quite possibly the nicest person ever. I laugh with this guy more than anyone else. We have lots of inside jokes and I look up to him so so much. He is a perfect big brother and speaks wickedly good Chinese.

My Dad is hilarious. He can make anyone laugh. He has his own language that only he could pull off and says things like, "thats the cats ass" when he thinks something is cool and "dilly flinkers" when he doesnt know the name of something. He pushed me to be a good student in school and I dont think he ever missed one of my soccer games.

My mom is so kind, giving and nurturing. I think anyone that knows my mom will say how amazing she is. She is such a hard worker and peacemaker. She loves to serve those around her especially the less fortunate. She has been my rock over the years and Is one of my closest friends. Plus, she smells good.

My sister Kaysie is one of my bestest friends. If anything sad, or happy happens, she is one of the first I think of to call. I can talk to her forever, and even though we could not be more different, we are still so much alike. She is a fantastic mom and I only hope to be as creative as her one day and boy can this woman shop!

Brandon, my brother in law. He is super protective over me like a big brother. He has also been in my life as long as Kami. I love to hear Brandon talk about the things he is passionate about and his enthusiasm in explaining things. He has a great laugh and likes to slap the bottoms of my feet when I least expect it.

Me- Someone should have told me to fix my scarf before taking a family photo.

Russ, the hubby. Russ is the life of the party and can make anyone laugh. He is always up for whatever anyone is doing and is so easy to get along with. When I was dating Russ I met one of his friends for the first time in Idaho for a ski trip and he told me he had known Russ for a long time and didnt know a soul out there who didnt love him. And I totally believe that.

Can you see why I am so lucky? And then look at all of those rug rats below us... I could go on and on about their personalities, traits and qualities forever too. I love them like they are all my own.

*Side note: Russ and I are not giants. We are standing on a bit of an incline and it makes us look like we are 7 ft tall.


  1. Cute family picture! I love your family so dang much and I have so many memories with all of them. You guys are all amazing and I love all of you! You summed up everyone perfect. Your family is awesome and I'm glad I feel like I can call them part of my own family :) Love ya girl!